Download BeeTV APK (v2.3.1) – [Direct UPDATED VERSION]

BeeTV is one of the most searched online streaming application over the web. When we compare BeeTV with its alternative applications, it stands out of the ground with its quality features. BeeTV APK got some amazing good streaming links when its compared to other apps.

The reason BeeTV enjoys such massive popularity is that it is a lightweight application as it does not host any content but takes the aid and assistance from its partner websites to show users the content in accordance with their search.

BeeTV APK Versions – All Latest Updated Versions Listed Here

We have a team of people who always hunts the whole internet to provide you up to date APK files which helps us to fix issues and errors in earlier versions. If you landed here, you don’t need to check any other sources to download the latest version of BeeTV because we are here providing you all latest and working and virus scanned APK files.

We have added original updated APK files from us and also added Mod APK files which are highly recommended for whom they don’t want to see any ads in the content.

Bee TV v2.3.1 APK:

Download BeeTV APK v2.3.1

Changelog of Bee TV App v2.3.1:

  • BeeTV Lite Mode Added, We can use Lite Mode if we see any server errors.
  • BeeTV optimized well.
  • In the Mod version, All unnecessary popups, analytics, banners, players popup, and nof force update option also got removed.

BeeTV v2.3.0 APK

Download BeeTV APK v2.3.0

Changelog of v2.3.0:

  • Emergency Bug App Not Loading Error Fixed.
  • Ads, Analytics, Banners, Choose Player Popup Removed.
  • Social Page Removed and No Force Update of the App.
  • Improvements BeeTV UI Development.

BeeTV APK v2.2.9 – AD Free

Download BeeTV v2.2.9 APK

Changelog of Bee TV App v2.2.9:

  • Added 5 new providers.
  • You can now select your favorite subtitles colors.
  • Add option to choose watchlist, calendar, and collection as the default screen.
  • Amazon FireStick and Fire TV can now use the menu button to add the movie to watch list.
  • Optimum text color and focus color fixed on the same device.
  • Ads, Analytics, Banners, Player Popup, Social Page, and Force update removed.

Bee TV APK v2.2.8(Original APK):

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.8


  • Added Hindi section.and Notification function on Fire Stick.
  • Added premiums.
  • Fixed some link providers.
  • Fixed bug on some Android 9 devices.

BeeTV APK v2.2.8 Mod by Balatan

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.8 Mod by Balatan

  • Ads got Removed
  • Sponsored banner layout also removed;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • All ads and services calls from Activity also got removed.
  • Ads banner layout in tablet mode removed.
  • Choose Player popup got disabled.
  • Social page got disabled.
  • No forced update Anymore.
  • Analytics also got disabled.

Bee TV APK v2.2.7(Original APK):

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.7


  • Fixed some link providers.
  • Fixed bugs on android 9 devices.
  • Great improvements added to finding more and more sources.

BeeTV APK v2.2.7 Mod by Balatan

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.7 Mod by Balatan

Changelog (v2.2.7 Mod APK):

  • All errors and issues fixed with Android 5.0 devices.
  • Ads, Analytics, Sponsored Banners, Unwanted permission to services and receivers removed.
  • Choose player popup and subtitles popup disabled.
  • No Force Update.
  • Social fan page also removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.5 – Updated:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.5 – Direct Download


  • Added cast and crew photo in detail movies.
  • Added 3 new link providers.
  • Optimized openload links.
  • Fixed subscene in this latest version.

BeeTV APK v2.2.5 Mod by Balatan:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.5 MOD APK

Changelog of v2.2.5 Mod APK:

  • Ads and Sponsor banner layout removed.
  • Removed unwanted permissions, services and receivers.
  • Selecting player popup removed.
  • Force update has been removed.
  • Analytics has been removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.5 Lite Mod APK:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.5 Lite Mod APK

Changelog of V2.2.5 Lite Mod APK:

  • Optimized graphics and resources for the fast load (APK Compressed to 10.3MB).
  • Encrypted all sources of the app.
  • Only ARM devices support added.
  • Tracking of any IP is disabled.
  • No Ads and No Analytics.
  • En & Ru languages supported.
  • Banners removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.4:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.4 – Direct Download


  • Added 8 Fast Link Providers.
  • Episode lists have been added in this new update.
  • Added Tweak movie details on TV.
  • Size reduced to 16.2 MB.
  • The autoplay feature is also fixed.

BeeTV v2.2.3 APK – Latest Version:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.3 Direct Download


  • Optimized TV Layout.
  • Autoplay feature got fixed.
  • An open-load link has been resolved.
  • Fixed subtitles bug
  • Fixed and Added more sources and providers.

Mod APK(BeeTV Mod APK v2.2.3 by Balatan):

Download BeeTV MOD APK v2.3.3 by Balatan(Direct Download).

BeeTV v2.2.2 APK – Latest Version:

Download BeeTV 2.2.2 APK – Direct Download


  • Great updated optimized¬†UI for TV users.
  • Earlier update issues and bugs fixed.
  • Clock added.
  • Off subtitles option has been added.
  • More providers and links added.

BeeTV APK v2.2.1 – Updated:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.1 (Orginal APK)


  • Fixed the errors in Android 4.4 and lower versions.
  • Added option to hide poster, name and year in this latest update.

BeeTV APK v2.2.1 Mod APK by Balatan:

BeeTV APK v2.2.1 Mod APK Download


  • Ads and Sponsered banners removed.
  • No forced update in this updated version.
  • Play Popup & Languagesubtitles disabled.
  • Social Page has been removed.

Here we are giving you the latest direct download link of BeeTV APK for Android Devices.

Download BeeTV APK v2.1.7 APK (DIRECT)