Install BeeTV on XBox 360 & XBox One ( BeeTV APK – Latest)

Had there been no movies and TV series, the modern life would have been decidedly empty. However, that is not the case as we have good movies releasing almost every weekend. Thanks to modernisation and technological advancements; we can watch our favorite movies on our smartphones from the convenience of our favorite couch.

Even gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One allow you to stream your favorite movies and TV series via relative applications. In this post, we are going to talk about a third-party streaming application that goes by the name of BeeTV and share with you the steps to install the same on Xbox One/Xbox 360. Also, Check Out “Installation of BeeTV App on FireStick & Fire TV Devices“.

What is BeeTV? 

As mentioned above, BeeTV is a third-party streaming app that brings to you latest movies and TV series. The app is in partnership with a considerable number of websites and crawls over the same to get the latest titles in HD.


What are the subscription plans for BeeTV?

The answer to this question is ‘Zero.’ Yes! BeeTV, unlike official streaming apps, is totally free to use. There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases involved.

Is it Safe to Download BeeTV?

As of now, there are no complaints from users regarding safety concerns for BeeTV. BeeTV is like plug-and-play hardware. You just need to install the application. It won’t ask you for any kind of personal information as registration is not mandatory to utilize the services of BeeTV.

We guess you are ready to install BeeTV on Xbox One/Xbox 360 now. Following are the steps for the same. Check Out this complete guide: “BeeTV APK Download on Android Box & Smart TV Devices“.

Install BeeTV on Xbox One/Xbox 360 [STEPS]

  • Launch your smart television and connect your Xbox with the same utilizing HDMI cable.
  • Next, launch the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and download the ‘All Connect’ application from the same.
    AllConnect - BeeTV App on XBox
    AllConnect – BeeTV App on Xbox
  • Launch the ‘All Connect’ application and establish a connection using the application with your Xbox using Bluetooth.
    Launch AllConnect App - Bee TV App
    Launch AllConnect App – Bee TV App
  • Please install the BeeTV APK on your Android smartphone. You can get the latest BeeTV APK file from here: “   BeeTV APK Download
  • Launch the BeeTV application and choose your favorite title. Thereafter, tap on the three dots in the upper corner and select a different player for the playback.
    BeeTV App Working Again
    BeeTV App  – We Blurred the Interface for Obvious Reasons
  • Here, you require selecting ‘All Connect’ and voila! You are ready to stream movies through Xbox via BeeTV APK.
    BeeTV Movies & TV Shows on XBox
    BeeTV Movies & TV Shows on Xbox

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Conclusion – BeeTV APK Download on Xbox 360/ Xbox One

These were the steps that you require following for streaming movies via BeeTV on Xbox. If you face any kind of issues during the process, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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  1. I’ve tried connecting all connect to my Xbox but it continues to say no devices available. Ive checked to see if my phone and Xbox are on the same WiFi and they are.

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