BeeTV (Original & Ad-Free (Mod) Changelog) – All Versions [UPDATED]


BeeTV Changelogs of All Versions:


  • Free links added.
  • Filter English Movies and TV Shows
  • New English movies and tv shows were added.


  • Filtering added to English movies and tv shows.
  • New links added.

Changelog of v3.2.4(30-09-2022):

  • Added a lot of new providers.
  • Add Good, Vidsrc link.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

Changelog of v3.2.0(04-08-2022):

  • High-Speed CDN Links added.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Sf, the Voe host added.

Changelog of v3.1.5 (26-05-2022):

  • Added good, vidsrc links.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed.

Changelog of v3.1.4 (17-05-2022):

  • Added More Providers.

Changelog of v3.1.3 (28-04-2022):

  • Buffering bug fixed.
  • A new provider was added.

Changelog of Version 3.0.9 (Feb-11-2022):
– A lot of providers added.

Changelog of v3.0.7(26th Jan, 2022):

  • Dood link added.
  • Luka plex, & Std(need to verify captcha) providers fixed.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed.

Changelog of v3.0.5 (12th Jan, 2022):

  • Dood link added.
  • Fix Luka Plex, std(need to verify captcha) providers.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

Changelog of v3.0.3 (11th Jan, 2022):

  • Added HDM.
  • Fixed S9, Fstb, Fsty, Sbplay, and Yesmovies providers.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed.

Changelog of v3.0.2 (23rd Dec, 2021):

  • Some title name causes restart of the app bug fixed.
  • Added more providers.

Changelog of v2.9.7 (28th Nov, 2021):

– Fixed Fplay Provider, Sbplay

Changelog of v2.9.6 (19th Nov, 2021):

  • Wehd, & fbplay providers fixed.
  • More providers added.

Changelog of v2.9.5(28th Oct, 2021:

  • Superfast providers WeHD and Fplay are fixed in this update.
  • The loading screen in editor choice is fixed in this latest release.
  • The feedback section on TV was removed.

Changelog of v2.9.4:

  • Fixed superfast provider Luka and Sf.
  • Feedback section on TV was deleted.
  • Loading issue in editor choice if fixed.

Changelog of v2.9.2:

  • Reader link position.
  • The scroll bug fixed.
  • Fix and add link providers.
  • Fix the upstream link.
  • Multi-Language support was added.